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We know it can be really hard to choose amongst all the trainings currently being offered, choosing the right training for you is an important choice. It has to feel right!

Our program stands out especially because of our amazing group of teachers and experts. We can honestly say that few trainings out there have a team as solid and experienced as ours. We are so fortunate to be working with a group of very experienced and knowledgeable Yoga Teachers and experts.

Apart from Maria & Bente your lead teachers, then we have a physiotherapist, an osteopath, an Ayurvedic expert, a beautiful yin teacher and a Naturopath/Herbalist/Nutritionists as a part of our team. A lot of trainings have 1 or 2 teachers leading you through, with us you have a whole team of very experience professionals guiding you on this journey.

Another key aspect of our training is introducing you to a great variety of styles. We place a lot of emphasis on our students finding their own voice as a teacher and as a yogi by exposing you to a great variety of styles and knowledge, so you can see what fits with you and what you like to explore further on your yogic journey. The Teacher training is just the beginning of a life long journey and we love to inspire your path.

Another aspect often highlighted by our students is the way we ease you into teaching from day 1 of the training, through our daily asana and teaching labs. To ensure that you by the end of the training, will feel confident to teach and share your knowledge of yoga.

No Visa required (majority of countries - FREE entry, 30 days valid, NOT extendable). Depending on your passport there are three options to enter Indonesia that apply to most travellers that come for tourist or social purpose only:

1.     No Visa required (majority of countries - FREE entry, 30 days valid, NOT extendable)
2.    Visa on Arrival (US$ 35, 30 days valid, extendable (once for 30 days)
3.    Visa needed (apply abroad before arriving in Indonesia)
For more information on Visa please follow the link:

**Please be aware when counting 30 days that day of arrival and day of departure count as 2 full days.**

If you are planning to stay longer than 30 days, we advice you get a Visa On Arrival upon entry in Indonesia, you can get this at the Airport, it's about US$ 35. Visa on Arrival allows you to extend your stay for another 30 days without leaving the country. Visa extension through a local agent cost around US$ 50. And we'd be happy to help arrange it when you are here. No problem at all.

To get most of the training both physically and mentally we generally recommend that you have at least 1 year of regular Hatha/Vinyasa yoga practice (regular meaning practicing at least 1-2 times a week). You don’t need to be an advanced practitioner to join our course we welcome both yogis who want to become yoga teachers and yogis who primarily want to deepen their own practice and dive deeper into the yoga philosophy and related sciences. We also consider if you have a background in sports, if your body is used to working out. But a YTT is so much more than just the asana practice. We always recommend our students to fill out the application form, then we can better determine if our training is a good match for them.

If you like to share with your boyfriend/friend it’s no problem, we have a few rooms suitable for couples and he/she is more than welcome to stay with you. However, please keep in mind that the space is a retreat center reserved for this training, so no other outside guests who’s not participating in the training are likely to be staying at Cosmos Oasis.

Cosmos Oasis is a retreat center and it depends a bit on what they have scheduled prior to our training, if they have any availability. Normally it’s no problem to book a few extra nights at Cosmos Oasis. However, we/The Peaceful Warriors are only responsible for booking the accommodation during the YTT dates, all extra nights are to be booked directly with our host Cosmos Oasis. Please contact Cosmos Oasis via this mail: mention just that you are a student of ours and they will take it from there. 

It's absolutely no problem finding (often more affordable) accommodation in the neighbourhood. As mentioned generally about 50% of our students choose to stay off-site and it makes absolutely no difference to the overall experience of the training.

Cosmos Oasis is about 45 minutes drive from the airport and there is always plenty of taxis available at the airport happy to assist you. You can also arrange Airport Transfer through our host Cosmos Oasis.

Please reach out directly to Cosmos to set this up:    
t: (+62)82146683922    

Our program runs 6 days a week; Monday through Saturday, from around 7AM - 5.30/6:00PM. There will also be an evening program once or twice a week, typically from 7-9PM. You will have Sundays off to rest and explore.

Full attendance for all scheduled activities of the course is absolutely mandatory. One month is not that much time to cover the vast amount of information you will be getting, so even missing one workshop/day can set you back quite a lot. Obviously, we are all human and unexpected circumstances may occur and we always work closely with the students to find out the best solution in case of emergencies.

We include one weekly group breakfast and the final graduation dinner, other meals are not included. Canggu is very well known for its amazing cafes and restaurants, there is something for every budget, taste and diet. And if you are a bit of a health-conscious foodie you will be spoiled for choice in Canggu, there is literally something for every diet and budget, plenty options around both local and western. Cosmos Oasis also offer breakfast packages, that can be arranged when you get here.

As for food budget it really depends on what you prefer, you can eat for as little as US$ 6 a day if you primarily choose the local food options if you have more of a western taste it’s still affordable, generally between US$ 10-20 A day.

Of course we don’t expect anything to happen to you. However, unexpected medical issues not to mention the associated costs of medical aid can cast a heavy shadow on any holiday and holiday budget. So please do make sure you have a travel insurance that cover medical expenses. 
We will be using our bodies a lot and though both yoga and surfing is incredible for the body, unfortunately accidents and injuries do happen. And we want to make sure that if something were to happen to you, we can safely bring you to the doctor or emergency room without brining you into financial trouble. Better safe than sorry : ).

We offer an intimate and supportive environment, with max 25 students. We currently have 2 Lead Teachers, and 4 Specialty Guest Teachers (i.e. Anatomy, Ayurveda, Philosophy and Health & Nutrition). We also have one assistant teacher, who is also the coordinator and go to for the students. But of course, all our teachers are open to all the students and very happy to help guide you on this journey on and off the mat. :)

We advise you to hold off and exchange money once you are in the country to avoid traveling with a large amount of Rupiah’s. There are money exchanges and secure ATM’s in/around Canggu. You do however always want to watch over your money exchange and ATM transactions closely, covering your pin number and remembering to take your card back once the transaction is complete.

No need to bring anything, we have everything you’ll need; including yoga mats and all required yoga props (i.e. bolsters, blocks, straps, eye pillows). However, if you prefer you are of course also welcome to use your own.

There is no need to purchase the books ahead of time. You will receive all the books and manuals in hard copy on the first day of the training, we will also send a digital copy of all the books once you’ve completed the final course fee payment.

For you to get the most out of the lectures and the training please read Raja Yoga (Conquering the Internal Nature) by Swami Vivekananda, prior to the start of the training. You will receive a link to the book as soon as you have completed the final payment.

The training will take place in Canggu a laid-back, tranquil yet vibrant and trendy beach town perched on the southwest coast of Bali. Nestled in between beautiful green terraced rice paddies and black sand beaches. Canggu is the serene bohemian home away from home for yogis, surfers, spiritual seekers, conscious hipsters and healthy foodies. Canggu is the perfect balance of Balinese culture, authenticity and comfort. A real yogic paradise!

Most of our students arrange a bicycle (push-bike) as their mode of transportation for the month. They are available everywhere, the cost is usually around US$ 25 a month, and Cosmos Oasis can also help make that happen for you. Some of you might choose to venture into renting a motorbike, but we strongly suggest that you don’t make that choice unless you are a very experienced rider and have done it before. If you have never tried or have any hesitation please pass on this, as we have seen too many students come off their bikes and those injuries are not ones that you want to deal with.

Our school and training is certified and approved by the Yoga Alliance, meaning we fulfil all the quality and contents requirements to guarantee a professional and internationally recognised Yoga Teacher Training. After completing the course, you are eligible to register with the Yoga Alliance but you will have to pay the registration and yearly membership fee by yourself. For more information about the Yoga Alliance registration fees please have a look here:

Registering yourself with yoga alliance is your choice and can be done at any time even years after completing the course. It varies from country to country what the yoga studios prefer. For example, in the US most studios require that you are officially registered with the Yoga Alliance, whereas in Europe most studios just require that you can prove (certificate) you did a training with a yoga alliance approved school and they don’t actually require that you are listed in the Yoga Alliance registry.


We believe in yoga as a life journey of (self)-awareness and personal transformation. A deeply transformative ‘tool’ that brings about real change and growth in your life. Through this training we strive to offer you a deeply life changing experience and to find the support you need to leave the training not only a newly certified yoga teacher, but with a new way of looking at the world – evolve and connect with the best expression of yourself.

And just like the Balinese we believe in the power of a SMILE! So while we work and study hard we always make time for downtime, play and a good laugh.

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Meet the Warriors


With The Peaceful Warriors you get to practice and study with a passionate and dedicated team of experienced and knowledgeable Yogis and Experts.

Some nice words from some of our teacher training graduates

"An outstanding training & a game changer of your yoga journey"

The Peaceful Warriors training exceeded my expectations to say the least! In addition to learning about the Asana practice and the physical aspects of Yoga, the training complements your learning with so much more: Anatomy, meditation, breathing, the history and the philosophy of Yoga, Nutrition, Ayurveda, etc, putting the yoga practice and lifestyle into a much more wholistic context. Every class I attended brought me with so much understanding of not only yoga but also who I am. I felt that I was learning and expanding as a person, which is essential if you would like to take your practice to share with other students. Bente and Maria as the main teachers of the YTT are fully dedicated, inspiring and deeply knowledgeable. Their teaching methods complement one another which exposes the students to various ways of teaching from day one. They are also available to answer any question at all points of the training. The guest teachers are also amazing experts and add tremendous value to the learning. Bente and Maria eased the group into the idea of teaching, starting with peer-teaching, then small groups before you can confidently stand and teach the whole class. The space where we practiced was beautiful, overlooking the rice fields of Bali and waking up to the sunrise before practice was just priceless. The teachers facilitated the group dynamic and created such a strong team spirit throughout the journey. That is why I highly recommend this YTT without any hesitation

Dounia Kchiere, United States

"Unforgettable experience"

This unforgettable adventure peaceful yoga warrior comes to end for me. I feel very grateful. Bente and Maria are amazing teachers with a lot of knowlegde and know how. Always supportive, here at everytime to answer questions or anything else. Be sure they will do our possible to make you feel at ease during this month. The others teachers are also great and super talentuous. I didn't expect to learn as much. The field of this ytt is very large and it's something I appreciate (ayurveda, nutrition...).. The shala opens towards the rice fields is the perfect place to practice and the monday breakfast a paradise for food lover. It's for me an unforgettable human experience I recommend to everyone who loves yoga.

Charlene Martin, France

"Couldn't have hoped for better. Highly recommend!"

This teacher training exceeded all my expectations. First and foremost the teachers are excellent. They are so so encouraging, supportive and inspiring. The wide range of knowledge that I gained was exceptional. The classes are really varied, exciting and enjoyable. I was introduced to a wide range of subjects, including Ayurveda and nutrition. I have a much more complete vision of who I am and who I want to be as a teacher and have been set up perfectly to now go away and really delve into the areas that interest me personally. This journey was about so much more than yoga, the friends you will make and the personal development that you go through is too amazing to put into words. I really can't recommend this enough.

Ellie Ritchie, United Kingdom

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